We are very happy we made a spontaneous decision to host Nathalia. My younger daughter is hoping to have her own host sister sometime in the future.
Ayers Family
The Hill School of Middleburg, VA
Daniel and Marinés fit right into our family! They are kind, funny, smart, and great with everyone. Well prepared to adapt to any situation, they jumped right into school, chores, and family time. We may not bring them back to the airport in December…
Keller Family
Ensworth School, TN
It has been such a wonderful experience having her with us! Vale is so willing to do anything that is asked! She is a Joy!!
Fulton Family
Oldenburg Academy, IN
She is so sweet. We all have learned so much about her and her culture. She is also so interested in learning all about our family.
Heys Family
Hudsonville Christian School, MI
Faces & Our Cultures
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