Guatemala Summer Experience

Is a student exchange program that provides tools to adolescents by which they learn and grow through enriching cultural experiences with the diverse people and ecosystems in Guatemala.


Our U.S. ambassadors experience the Guatemalan culture, first-hand, by sharing with a host family and participating in social, educational, and sporting activities. During their stay, participants attend a private, bilingual shool in Guatemala and stay with a carefully selected host family.

Profile of our participants

  • Boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 17.
  • Students who value cultural enrichment and diversity. 
  • Desire to learn and grow through experiences. 
  • Eager to make new friends and step out of their comfort zone. 

Guatemala, Central America

The program can be customize from 2 to 4 weeks during summer. 


Optional Tours

Tikal, Petén

    • Transportation: flight to Tikal-Petén.
    • Visit and guided tour to Tikal National Park.
    • Overview of the Mayan pyramids.
    • Private bus transportation in Petén (Airport-Tikal-Airport).
    • All meals are included
    • Accompanied by a local chaperone and guide

Antigua Guatemala

  • Transportation: Private bus Guatemala city-Antigua Guatemala-Guatemala city.
  • Guided walking tour of the Antigua Guatemala (a UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Includes churches, museums, and landmarks
  • Bus to a private coffee farm tour
  • All meals are included
  • Accompanied by a local chaperone and guide

Empowering their future

We are cultural ambassadors!

You will have the option during your visit to participate in a community service. This volunteer day is truly perspective-changing. You will participate in hands-on volunteer work at a local public school, bringing a whole new world of learning opportunities to children in need.

Want to learn more?

Contact us and we will provide more details of our programs, as well as the next steps to participate in any of our programs.

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