FACES is an eight (8) week cultural exchange program from Guatemala, C.A. Our program offers an enriching experience through the exchange of cultures within an educational environment. FACES provides participants with tools to grow as individuals; it also facilitates the human and cultural development of young people between the ages of ten and eighteen by preparing them to be Cultural Ambassadors from Guatemala. These students go through a careful selection process based on specific criteria and requirements to ensure their success.

Profile of our participants
Boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 18 years old.

In the United States throughout fourteen (14) host states

Starts: Mid-October
Ends: Mid-December

Become a Host

Be part of a truly life changing experience by:

    • Interacting with a different culture within an educational environment.
    • Practicing Spanish with native speaker from Guatemala.
    • Creating enduring memories.
    • Visiting Guatemala during the summer.

Exchange Program Objectives

  • To provide a safe environment in which all participants can learn about and experience a different culture and develop a deep respect for each other in an increasingly interconnected world.
  • Create an opportunity to practice a second language with native speakers from both cultures.
  • To promote long-lasting friendships between cultures.

Participants’ Benefits

    • Improve their English communication skills
    • Interact with a family in the U.S.
    • Develop a broader perspective of the world
    • Instill them with self-confidence
    • Build cultural bridges
    • Experience the U.S. educational system
    • Academic opportunities
    • Enjoy the change of seasons from fall to winter

Empowering their future

We are cultural ambassadors!

FACES is a cultural exchange program between Guatemala and the United States. We build cross-cultural relationships among all of our participants: students, host family members, teachers, and school administrators. Our students also develop academically, socially, and linguistically. As our ambassadors leave their comfort zone and take on challenges in the safe and controlled environment of a host home and school, they and everyone around them are able to build cultural bridges in a highly interconnected world.

Guatemala Summer Experience

Is a student exchange program that provides tools to adolescents by which they learn and grow through enriching cultural experiences with the diverse people and ecosystems in Guatemala.

Faces & Our Cultures
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