An amazing experience that will change your life!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share with you this program. As you explore our website, you will certainly gain a sense of our vision and mission, our dedicated and fully engaged staff, and the exciting opportunities that characterizes us.

One of the distinctive features of Faces & Our Cultures is its clarity of purpose. We believe in encouraging children to expand their vision about the interdependent world, opportunities, and friendship between cultures. We work hard to live by our conviction that moral values and an honest character are more important in defining a person than is academic or social success.

We also believe in excellence. With high expectations, we constantly push ourselves to be better every day. We know, however, that striving for excellence in a moral vacuum without concern for others is a hollow endeavor.

We invite you to take a close look at us. Our website will give you a glimpse of our objectives, comprehensive program, and remarkable people. We would like to know you, so you will know firsthand about our passion for enriching and developing youth.

I look forward to meeting you and provide you with more information about our program.

Sandy Padilla de Cardona
General Coordinator & Founde